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    Herbal Facial Massage
         A Herbal Facial Massage to the face, neck, shoulders using pure natural herbal creams, mask and leaves would give your body a radiant glow and soft healthy skin.
    Mini face Lift
         This treatment using herbal extracts is good for open pores, sculpting the jaw line and double chins. This would also help in age reversal by minimizing wrinkles and improving the texture of the skin and lightening the sagging muscles. Remarkable results are obtained in this procedure and a younger looking healthy you would be the guaranteed outcome.
    Hair cuts
         Hair cuts to your own choice, to all modern trends… Our beauticians would help you bring out the best impression and beauty through your hair.

    Gold Facial        

    Galvanic Facial        

    Aroma Facial
    Pimple Treatment

    Perming, straighting, High Lighting, Tint
    Head Massages
         Massage of the scalp, neck, back muscles for relief of stress, headaches and pains.
    Manicure, Pedicure        

    Waxing, threading
    Henna Treatment 

    Dressing (make up, Hair style…)

    veda.jpg 3 years ago
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