Aruni Bridals & Salons

No. 204, Thalangama North, Battaramulla
103-950 Pannipitiya Road Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Western Province LK

Hair Care


What ever your hair type, We are here to change…. Flattering Hair cuts and styles to suit your facial features, Hair Structure and even to suit your carrier.

Services available with us:
         Dazzling, Hair designing, Blow dry, Relaxing, Stunning Hair Coloring, Toning / Ironing, Oil Massages, Hair Setting, Perms,   Conditioning Treatments, Hair Cuts (Trims & Re-Styling), Bonding / Re-Bonding          

Skin Care

Treat your skin luxury…

The skin is the outer covering of the body, which is protecting, temperature controlling, secreting & excreting oil as a protective covering and helps you to sense the feelings…Apart from these main functions everybody likes to keep their skin in a good condition. A smooth flawless skin is a gift. But unfortunately most of us don't get a radiant skin…But, Now you have the opportunity to improve your skin condition than ever before….Whatever your skin type, Oily, Dry or a mixture of both We have the solutions….

Services available with us:
         Facials, Upper lip threading, Clean-ups,Waxing, Eye treatments, Bleaching, Eye brow threading, Manicures, Make-ups

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