Indu Karunaratne

164/4, Tudella Junction, Ja-ela
Bandigoda Church Road Ja-Ela Western Province LK

Neil Karunaratne is one of Sri Lanka’s most accomplished photographers. Wedding photography is one of specialties,- his strong focus on professionalism contributing to his meteoric rise in this field.

“Weddings are mostly once-in-a-life time occasion” Neil points out. The preparation, build-up, costumes, takes weeks to put together but the locations, cast and final drama last only a few hours. Everybody wants perfection as well as flawless record of the great day, so clothes, accessories, make-up, hair, bouquet, floral arrangements call memories, social aspects and photography must be done with professional perfections. “No-re-runs are possible” Neil speaks with the authority of his growing heft in this field; now he and his wife Indu, a talented bridal- dressing consultant is in a perfect partnership, offering complete professional wedding packages.

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