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Janet Ayurvedics

No 269, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia
236 Galle Road Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Western Province LK

Our Ayurveda products are enriched with 100% natural 'active extracts'. All our products are registered Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicines.We guarantee our products actually contain all natural ingredients listed.

-No ingredients of animal origin
No animal extracts or ingredients of animal origin are used either in processing or in the finished product, and never will be. We respect the value of animal life too.

-Ozone Friendly packaging
Products do not include any ingredients harmful to the Ozone layer. We respect everyone's right to breathe clean air.

-Organic spring water only
Products are made only using the purest of natural spring water gathered at source. We believe in the purity and goodness of natural minerals.

-No synthetic fragrances
Products are fragranced only with naturally extracted fragrance oils and fragrance compounds. Alcohol based synthetic fragrances are not used. We promote the scent of nature.

-No added alcohol
No alcohol or spirit is added to the products. Any alcohols present in the finished products are those that occur naturally in herbs, fruit and flower extracts. We promote a healthy alcohol free lifestyle.

-Recyclable packaging
All our packaging is recyclable and our consumers are encouraged to dispose of them responsibly. we are committed to conserving natural resources.

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