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Prasanna Bridal Hair & Beauty Salon

M5, Niwasipura, (Lane Number 3) Ja Ela.
Vishakawaththa 3rd Lane Ja-Ela Western Province LK

Welcome to Prasanna Bridal Hair & Beauty Salon where high quality service and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We specialize in bridal services and all other hair and beauty services. Prasanna Bridal Hair & Beauty Salon is a casual and beat up salon located in Ja Ela, Sri Lanka. The salon was founded in 2004 by Prasanna Wijewardana. With over 15 years of experience as a beautician, Prasanna Wiewardana is well known in the beauty culture industry. He attended the Ramani Ferando Hair & Beauty Academy and gained more knowledge and professional experience from there. His expertise is widely sought and he regularly appears on media in his capacity as a beautician.

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