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Thirani Peiris Academy And Salon

138 Highlevel Rd Nugegoda
194 High Level Road Jambugasmulla Western Province LK
112812141/0112738693 / 0312224792112812141/0112738693 / 0312224792
0777277972 / 07736361360777277972 / 0773636136

Since the humble beginning in 1992, they have been in the business of grooming beauticians and hair dresses for the nation and the world. They are powered by a team of energetic and enthusiastic beauticians who can take the beauty culture industry of the island to the world. Right throughout the 22 years, we have produced thousands of Sri Lankans who have mastered the fine art of making others beautiful and they have opened windows of opportunities for rural Sri Lankan female youth to embark on lucrative careers in beauty culture industry.

Most of their students are self-employed or working abroad as beauticians .As Sri Lanka’s population is ageing, they believe that there is a huge potential for this industry. They are armed with a team of professionals who can walk the talk. Today they are the largest network of beauty culture academy that has spread its wings throughout the island. Still they have not reached our final destination, even though they have passed very important milestones. Their commitment and philosophy toward this business is further vindicated by reassuring claim that they are proud of “unleashing the beautician in you”


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